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Story :

A tired man was on his way back to the river. However, he had to go home alone in a desolate atmosphere.

Control :

Movement - WASD

Looking around  - Mouse

Interact - E

Credits :

KaoludKung - Concept and Programming

Goyaparallax - Modeling and Animation

Special thanks :

Retro PSX Style Tree Pack  from Elegant Crow

Sounds from https://www.zapsplat.com

Developer note :

This is the first game my friend and me developed and uploaded to itch.io. Hope you guys enjoy. Comments are appreciated. 

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Audacity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Indie, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Short, Singleplayer
LinksKaoludKung, Goyaparallax


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love the game thank you :)

Peter griffin Easter Egg!?

This was a quick and sweet game. Just wish there was more to do in it.

Had fun with this short little game.

I'm already scared of sea monsters and this really worked on that fear. I was freaking out on the chase lol. Nice job!

Is it tuna?

This was a pretty cool game with a neat idea! I got both endings! 2nd game

(1 edit)

Nice game. All Endings here.

Ending 2.

Good game

Hmmm. Liked the endings and the story. Didn't like the subtitles overlapping and needed a bit more. Overall tho a fun little playthrough.

Premissa interessante. Falta um pouco de ambientação, e antes da sequência de perseguição não tem muito o que ser feito além de andar reto. Tem os dois finais aí no vídeo

Like the story and the monster really enjoyed it

Also pls Subscribe

Fun Game, Keep Up The Good Work!!

short but good

This game was fairly creepy! Like.. I wasn't expecting much. I didn't pay attention at the start. Jumpscare got me and that chase.

Here is my video!

Keep up the good work!

Game was amazing scary, thrilling and just fun to play! 9/10 

I had a pretty good time with this game! It was the final game I played! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!

Solid short horror nice work :)

Full Play NO Commentary 

(Gameplay 18:50) The monster should be faster to add more panic. But it's still a nice short game :)

i don't even know what to say this is short nice project, i don't know you can add some more story. '-'


Simple and creepy. The river banks could probably use some more details. Not much to look at while floating down the river. Solid game tho

Nice game and graphics. The idea is very simple but I like it. Good job 👍

Amazing game, First game in video.

That was really great! The tension of being followed really gave me chills. Love it!

El juego esta increíble y con un concepto bastante original 10/10

I was kind of enjoying the boat ride and then I remembered I was in a horror game. Short and sweet, thanks for making the game!

This was a cool short game. Never take a boat home in the middle of the night. Game starts at 13:55

THIS GAME WAS AMAZING AND TERRIFYING...yes I lost my voice after playing this

This was the first game I played in this video. I think this was refreshing. A nice short indie horror that plays off of the players fear of being alone and what could be lurking underwater! I think enjoyed the attention to detail with both endings and liked the tension building. The chase could've been more pursuing in my opinion. It never really felt like I was being rushed! Other than that though, I thought this was pretty solid!

really enjoyed this and i appreciate the amount of effort put into it, with the cut scenes etc, i also randomly loved the movement of the boat as the character raced away very satisfying haha, only feedback is more lore for the endings i felt they were a little lacklustre explanations and were very very similar with no plot towards the monster just that it disappeared, not to say it wasn't good though i loved it would just like a better drawn out plot/lore 

such a cool game to play keep up the good work KaoludKung i cant wait to see what games you make in the future!!

I have aslo made a video on it come and check it out!!

Great game

Comments below clip;

Row, row, row your boat, gently down an unwilling stream. In the end there's nothing left, but scream.

Nicely done. Loved playing it. Kudos to all involved.

Had a lot of fun, short and sweet.

4 amazing scary games is going to haunt my dreams tonight. can you watch the scary or will you run away. The choice is yours. by the way great game I freaking loved it.

Really good game

I really enjoyed this game!! Great job especially with the obstacles in the chase part really had me panicking lol.




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